What teachers are saying

…we had our parent teacher interviews on Monday… it was amazing how many parents commented about the [S]EM, so it clearly left a lasting impact on the kids.

Ben Rerden

Senior School Head of Science, Ambrose Treacy College, Qld

Having access to the SEM was a pretty amazing experience for me as a Primary School teacher…It was a great opportunity for the students to see what scientists might be doing in labs and how they research. Once I got over the fear of doing damage to the…equipment, along with the awe of what we were exploring…. we were all able to become pretty adept. It ended up being a great collaborative exercise in STEM learning together. We all really get what micro and nano are now – 5 year olds to teens. What a blast!!! Thanks again and again.

Science Teacher, Heathfield Primary School

Children began using the correct terminology and physically took part in moving the microscope around to adjust the focus, contrast and brightness to create a clear image. Inquiry based learning was at an all-time high as questions were flowing … My favourite part of the week would have to be watching the pure amazement on each child’s face as we discovered parts of a mini-beast or object that we never knew was there.

Technology Integration Specialist, Pulteney Grammar Junior School

Thanks again – wow that SEM is just fantastic and Jess was so well prepared and wonderful with the kids.

Director, Aldgate Kindergarten

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