COVID-19 Update:

We are working closely with schools during COVID-19 to enable SEM explorations to go ahead in alignment with each sites’ current operational guidelines. Our usual strict hygiene procedures are adhered to, with nitrile gloves provided for all staff and students working with the SEM. Systems are fully sanitised between each school site.

If you are unsure about your booking please contact us on the details below. We will support you to go ahead, reschedule or postpone your existing booking until a later date. After pausing our program in Victoria and NSW in 2020, we are back for 2021. We look forward to continuing to enrich STEM learning at your school in to the future and wish everyone the best during this time.

Inspire STEM Education was created as a joint venture between NewSpec (Australia) and Hitachi High Technologies (Japan) to inspire new generations of innovative pioneers through providing hands-on access for all learners to world class equipment and expertise in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

For $750, we will deliver a Hitachi TM4000 scanning electron microscope to your school, for teachers and students to use. We provide training to teachers during the school holidays prior to the booking.

Silk Moth, imaged on one of our Hitachi TM4000Plus scanning electron microscopes, by Toby (5).

Toby and Jessica using the TM4000Plus Scanning Electron Microscope

Some Of Our Latest Bookings