Transform Your Learning Environment

 When you book a visit, our learning lab is set up onsite for you to utilise with your students at school. Length of the visit is negotiable, however most schools keep the learning lab for 1-2 weeks depending on school size and learning goals.

What can you do with a scanning electron microscope?

Applications of Scanning Electron Microscopy include, but are not limited to, medicine, aerospace research, geology, food industry, cosmetics, industrial, archaeology, forensics, materials    research, biology, oceanography, entomology, agriculture.


Student utilisation of the SEM has included:

  • music students looking at string gauges and reed thickness in relation to pitch
  • art and design students creating art interpretations of micrographs and using photoshop to colour images
  • science students analysing synthetic and natural fibres left at a crime scene scenario
  • agriculture students measuring wool microns
  • horticulture students identifying vine pest and disease
  • chemistry students looking at crystal structures
  • biology students classifying tardigrades and identifying leaf anatomical structures
  • woodwork students looking at woodgrain and timber densities

The limit is only our imagination.