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  A technique for generating colour SEM images 1.4 MiB
Ted Kinsman's method for quickly colouring SEM images.

  Bacteria in EM 806.4 KiB

  Basic Photoshop for EM 10.5 MiB

  Classroom Activity: Matching Worksheet 2.4 MiB

  Classroom Activity: Matching Worksheet Answers 2.4 MiB

  Electron Microscopy Overview 6.5 MiB
Electron Microscopy and Hitachi TM4000Plus Overview

  Insect Mouthparts 720.1 KiB

  Photoshop for colourising EM images 10.5 MiB
How-to document for colourising EM images

  Quickcalcs 724.8 KiB
Excel sheet to calculate details of electrons, depth of penetration, and electron velocity.

  Real world SEM applications 75.6 KiB
Examples of real world SEM applications.

  Risk Assessment 137.9 KiB
Risk assessment for practical activities.

  SEM Forensics 657.9 KiB
Trinity College's Year 8 Forensics

  SEM Terminology Worksheets 94.3 KiB
Class worksheets with cross-words and word-search. Includes answers.

  STEM Takes Flight - IES Paper 2.1 MiB

  TM4000 Operation Flow-chart 250.9 KiB
Easy to follow flow-chart for operating the TM4000

  TM4000 Simple Manual 660.9 KiB
3 page summary on TM4000 operation

  Using an electron microscope in physics 2.6 MiB

  Wavelengths in Microscopy 381.2 KiB