Learning Lab Visits

Make a booking with us and the Mobile Learning Lab will visit your school for a whole week!

As part of your booking you will receive:

  • Installation of Hitachi’s TM4000 Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope – all we require is a secure place to set it up. We can link the SEM to your projector/big screen for visiting classes to easily see the action.
  • Optical microscopes (Olympus and USB)
  • A class set of magnifying glasses
  • Access to our sample library, including durable resin set samples for students to handle
  • Supporting learning resources and materials
  • Inspire staff support as required

Comments from Inspire Learning Lab visit sites:

Thanks again – wow that SEM is just fantastic and Jess was so well prepared and wonderful with the kids.

– Director, Aldgate Kindergarten

Children began using the correct terminology and physically took part in moving the microscope around to adjust the focus, contrast and brightness to create a clear image. Inquiry based learning was at an all-time high as questions were flowing … My favourite part of the week would have to be watching the pure amazement on each child’s face as we discovered parts of a mini-beast or object that we never knew was there.

– Technology Integration Specialist, Pulteney Grammar Junior School

Having access to the SEM was a pretty amazing experience for me as a Primary School teacher…It was a great opportunity for the students to see what scientists might be doing in labs and how they research. Once I got over the fear of doing damage to the…equipment, along with the awe of what we were exploring…. we were all able to become pretty adept. It ended up being a great collaborative exercise in STEM learning together. We all really get what micro and nano are now – 5 year olds to teens. What a blast!!! Thanks again and again.

– Science Teacher, Heathfield Primary School